Lloydminster: Transit Survey

Lloydminster: Transit Survey

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The City of Lloydminster is always under pressure to develop some sort of public transportation, but is it viable? In 2013, they decided to take a survey to determine how many people would use public tranportation, and what it could look like.



We knew right from the start that the mode of public transportation was flexible – they didn’t know if it would be a bus or some form of subsidized taxi or shuttle service.

This stipulation made the development of visuals a bit tricky, but the solution was found by anchoring the campaign in the two common elements all these modes of transportation share: the road and people.

Using a blurred road texture to imply motion in all of the visual aspects of the campaign was eye-catching and served as a great background for the logo. The logo itself is abstract. By creatively turning the word “transit” into a nondescript vehicle carrying a nondescript person, we had achieved the goal of making an enticing visual serving a broad category



  • Logo
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  • Digital files for the online campaign